Exercise 1

Complete the idioms below with the missing words.

cats and dogs cake cat leg nail

Now match the idioms to their meanings:

That’s really easy.

Don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret.

Good luck!

It’s pouring with rain.

That’s the point!

Exercise 2

Complete the short dialogue below with the missing Idioms.

Peter: Hi, Jane! How are you doing today?

Jane: Oh, fine, thanks. And you? Are you ready for the presentation?

Peter: Well, you know, I think I am, but you can never be sure what’s going to come up.

Jane: 1) ___________, then.

Peter: Thanks. 2) _____________ but I’m feeling pretty nervous.

Jane: Oh, are you? Come on, it’s a 3) ________________.

Peter: Yeah, I should probably be more positive and confident, you know, all that soft skills stuff… Maybe I should go for a walk before the presentation just to clear my head.

Jane: Peter, that’s not a good idea. 4) _______________.

Peter: Is it? I haven’t even noticed. I must be losing touch with reality…

Jane: You’ve just 5) _______________, Peter.