Millennials vs. 50+

Source: Warsaw Business Journal, Number 06/07 (46), June/July 2018 Employee shortage is making companies re-evaluate their HR policies. On the one hand, the Millennial generation is already the most numerous group in the workforce and companies have no choice than to cater to their needs. On the other hand, few firms take advantage of [...]

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New IT professions

By Paweł Pełtak, IT Manager, People Source: Warsaw Business Journal, Number 05 (45), May 2018 A blockchain engineer secures cryptocurrency trans­actions, a Machine Learning Specialist teaches machines to perform tasks, and a DevOps Engineer combines the roles of developer and system administrator – these are some of the jobs that have appeared in [...]

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Training market in Portugal – interview with Clara Barroso

What trends do you see in training market in Portugal? Which topics of workshops and trainings are the most popular? In Portugal, right now, we are still focused a lot on customer service. This is still a pressing matter because every business has to offer good service. So, if you go to a [...]

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Capitalize on cultural diversity

by Søren Jensen, Corporate Coach, Owner and founder of Jensen Training & Coaching Source: Warsaw Business Journal, Number 04 (44), April 2018 It is December 1998, I am 25 years old. I’m in my first job out of corporate college, working for a Danish company that had acquired a Swedish firm a year earlier. [...]

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The blessings of a flexible working day

by Beata Socha Source: Warsaw Business Journal, Number 02/03 (43), February/March 2018 I woke up with a mild headache and my lenses hot glued to my cornea. “At least I brushed my teeth before I keeled over,” I thought. Making out the time on the clock in the dark was easier than I’d [...]

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How to choose the right training?

According to scientists the “lifecycle” of knowledge currently lasts around five years, which means that alumni of the best universities enter the labour market without proper theoretical preparation. In order to face up to professional challenges each employee ought to invariably care about their professional development. That is why trainings have become an integral [...]

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Challenges vs. opportunities

Interview by Beata Socha Source: Warsaw Business Journal, Number 11/12 (42), November/December 2017 With historically low unemployment, employers are hard pressed to find the talent they need. Not only do they have to use innovative candidate-sourcing techniques, but they should also pay more attention to employer branding and increasing employee loyalty. Which industries [...]

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Motivation and Engagement – listening

Exercise 1 Complete the text with one word as you listen to the audio recording. I would also like you to create your own questions, 1. ___ for your area of activity. As you all know,  the HR department is doing its best to earn the 2. ___ of all other [...]

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