Exercise 1

Complete the text with one word as you listen to the audio recording.

I would also like you to create your own questions, 1. ___ for your area of activity. As you all know,  the HR department is doing its best to earn the 2. ___ of all other departments, in order to 3. ___ support their activities. Hence, one of the specific questions that I always ask is: What can I do to 4. ___ your image as a highly-trained and 5. ___ professional in our company?

To sum up, I would like to say that asking your subordinates about their motivation doesn’t adversely affect the image of a superior. Quite the reverse – employees who are able to 6. ___ in creating a motivational system value their superior for 7. ___ them.

Exercise 2

Choose the correct answer after listening to the complete audio recording.

Employees needs:

Question 3 created by Katie Douthwaite is about:

The speaker in the final sentence of his speech encourages the listeners:

The motivational tools used in the company:

The speaker encourages the listeners:

The speech is given at:

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