Everyday idioms in business use

  Exercise 1 Complete the idioms below with the missing words. cats and dogs cake cat leg nail Now match the idioms to their meanings: Exercise 2 Complete the short dialogue below with the missing Idioms. Peter: Hi, Jane! How are you doing today? [...]

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New start idioms

Exercise 1 Match the idioms with their meanings: 1) to make a clean breast of it a) new members of a group (who usually bring with them fresh ideas about how the group might run) 2) to go back to the drawing board b) to change one’s ways of doing things 3) [...]

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Choosing ground-floor strategies

By Adam Zdrodowski Source: Warsaw Business Journal, Number 11/12 (42), November/December 2017 Retail and service areas located on ground floors have long been a fixture of modern residential projects. How much of such space is actually completed every year and is it successfully commercialized? Unlike shopping centers and retail parks, this niche segment [...]

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War on Cash

By Sergiusz Prokurat Source: Warsaw Business Journal, Number 11/12 (42), November/December 2017 It appears that the future will belong to electronic pulses, rather than clinking coins and rustling banknotes. The convenience and speed of cashless transactions will have its price in the form of increased control and lack of anonymity. The catchy slogan [...]

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Know thy client

Interview by Beata Socha Source: Warsaw Business Journal, Number 10 (41), October 2017 The scenario where you get an ad on your mobile, research the brand online and then buy the shoes at the mall is becoming increasingly common. Omnichannel is more than something to just make shopping easier and more fun. Collecting [...]

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Central opportunities

By Adam Zdrodowski Source: Warsaw Business Journal, Number 08/09 (40), September 2017 Poland’s government is planning the development of a centrally located hub airport that could compete with some of the largest airports in Europe. Would the construction of the project create an attractive location for commercial space developers? Polish ministers earlier this year recom­mended [...]

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