Test został stworzony z myślą o osobach uczących się języka, dlatego weryfikuje umiejętności do poziomu B2.

Poniżej prosimy o wskazanie wyrazów, które powinny znaleźć się w pustym miejscu. W każdym zdaniu jest tylko jedna prawidłowa odpowiedź.

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Życzymy powodzenia!

1. _________ at in-service training yesterday?
2. Are blue collar workers the workers on the factory floor? _________________
3. What kind of job __________ you apply for?
4. ______________ do you have performance evaluation?
5. Last year our company _____________ high staff turnover.
6. Why ____________ with the situation in that way?
7. Shift work ____________ practiced mainly in the manufacturing industry, but now it is a common practice in almost every industry.
8. 1500 steel workers ________________ the headquarter of their company when police came.
9. There ___________ equal opportunity policies in our company.
10. ____________ companies send their managers to leadership training.
11. There are _____________ benefits and rewards in our remuneration package.
12. Our Reservation Team _______________ to around 100 caller each day.
13. Nowadays, more and more people ________________ to places where job growth is at or above national average.
14. Many, but not all, people ______________ take a gap year and spend it on travelling.
15. Would you like _______ notified in writing?
16. I am stressed because I _____________ my CEO for appraisal next week on Monday.
17. Listen, I ____________ troubles with a major project.
18. By the way, currently we _____________ at more flexible working arrangements.
19. Our HR director plans ____________ new IT technician.
20. Her holiday entitlement is 20 days __________ the date she starts with Business Systems.
21. Flexitime seems to become _______________ ever.
22. Unfortunately, our managing director is _________________ his predecessor when it comes to deadlines.
23. There were two applicants who were far _______________ the others in terms of previous experience.
24. I _______________ together a team of marketing staff from all our different branches, it will be my first time.
25. She has _________ finished this week’s report.
26. I don’t think you ______________ recruitment advertising agency.
27. In the future there ___________ no need to attend a job interview in person.
28. I am sure that __________ be a problem. You don’t have to worry.
29. If my new company is successful, I ______________ employ people to help me.
30. Your figures _____________ really bad last month– 25% below target.
31. I have been with this company ___________ seven years and I desperately need some training on accounting procedures in my field.
32. Could you tell me how things are going _____________ the latest project we work on?
33. ___________ a competent leader means being able to motivate and get things done.
34. It __________ in your interest to sign up for this training.
35. ______________ our members get a 5% increase in pay they will take industrial action
36. A major Spanish supermarket chain plans to ____________ 350 jobs for doftware professionals to India.
37. Two unions ___________ against strike action. This will leas to a loss of 900 jobs.
38. Learn how to _________ priorities, control your workload, and complete tasks on time.
39. Peter needs ____________ more. He cannot do everything by himself.
40. You __________ wear a suit to work but you can if you want.
41. Equal pay is a salary _________ is the same for men and women.
42. He ____________ off his holiday until after winter.
43. She is very successful. Her __________ has risen a lot in the past few years.
44. A _____ list is a list of people who have been judged the most suitable for a job
45. A lay- ________ is the act of stopping employing someone.
46. A ___________ car is provided by the employer with the job.
47. The chief _______________ is the person with the most important position.
48. A glass ________ is a point beyond which you cannot improve your position at work.
49. A golden ____________ is an amount of money paid to senior managers when they leave the company.
50. Over 500 workers face ____________ if the factory closes.