A competency model should consist of two basic parts – a competency dictionary (competency charts) and a competency matrix.

Competency Dictionary

We usually say that someone is more or less competent. It means that we assume the existence of various competency intensity levels. A competency chart is none other than a practical attempt to describe this intensity. We describe types of behaviour which we expect from employees at every level of competency intensity. We assume that there are usually between 3 and 7 levels of intensity. We also often single out types of undesirable behaviour within a given competency (so-called “red cards”) or describe behaviour which indicates lack of competency.
The choice of the number of intensity levels of a given competency depends on the specifics of an organization’s functioning, but first of all, – its organizational structure and job diversity.
Moreover, in the dictionary competencies are usually divided into several types, e.g.:

Common (in other words corporate or key competencies) – understood as competencies without which effective performance in a given organization is impossible.

Managerial competencies are understood to be connected with the effective performance of a managerial function or as such which coordinate work of other employees.

Specialist competencies are competencies which are characteristic of separate jobs or groups of jobs in which employees perform specialist/non-managerial work.


In order to create a competency matrix we need ready competency dictionary as well as well-thought rules how to create competency profiles. A competency profile consists of expected levels of different competency types attributed to a given job position.
We should determine which competencies and at which level (in what degree) are necessary to perform work in a given position. From the point of view of profile usage effectiveness the number of competencies in a profile should not be more than 8-9.
A collection of all competency profiles for the whole organization makes a competency matrix.


After reading the text above which of the statements are true or false:

Competency matrix consist of competency profiles which are assigned to all positions in organization

Competency dictionary includes competency matrix and some additional profiles

Effective competency profile can be built of 7 competency

Number of intensity levels in competency charts depends on quantity of managerial positions in the whole organization

Competency dictionary includes competency charts

Each competency can have 4 or even 5 levels of intensity

We can usually distinguish 3 types of competencies: corporate, managerial and technical