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Language audit in three simple steps:

1. Personalised online test

2. Conversation with our auditor

3. Audit report available within 24H

Variants of the language audits

  • Written online test
  • Oral test via phone conversation
  • A special test created for
    • client’s company profile
    • candidate’s job position
  • Previously agreed conversation script

Why our language audit provides the best results?

Our language recruitment audit is a unique combination of an online test and a phone conversation with one of Future Centre’s auditors, both based on an adaptive model designed by our specialists.
These two elements combined allow a more specific and precise description of your candidate’s language skills. As result, you receive a personalised report describing each linguistic competence and indicating the exact language level with compliance to the CEFR regulations.

Audits available for the following languages:

Our Lerneo platform

The client’s HR representative can observe every stage of the audit process
A clear table with all candidates/employees together with the information on the language and the status of the on-going audit
The test can be filled in at a time that is convenient for the candidate
The candidates can check the availability of the auditors and choose time slots convenient for them.
The sheet with the result of every candidate and the possibility of generating reports with all the information needed
Full information on the audit’s costs together with the option of generating reports needed (the realization time, audit’s length, person responsible)
The system informs the Client of every person involved in the process at each and every stage beginning with the invitations and ending with the results

Quality standards

A complex enrolment process

A complex enrolment process

The candidates for auditors are being thoroughly checked for their language skills and experience in auditing

Auditors’ training process

Auditors’ training process

Aimed at preparing the auditors  for the whole process of measuring the candidates language skills in accordance with procedures and standards

The procedures

The procedures

Every auditor is trained to follow the obligatory procedures so each of the audits can have a standardized outcome

Methodological supervision

Methodological supervision

Our methodology experts supervise every auditor’s work standards and obligatory procedures and offer language support if needed



Every auditor is being intermittently evaluated

Measuring Client’s satisfaction

Measuring Client’s satisfaction

We regularly check the levels of the quality of our services

The organisation of the process

Benefits for the company

  • Objective evaluation of language skills

  • Global reception and flexibility

  • Standardised outcome allowing for comparing the results of given candidates

  • Saving time and funds

  • Support of any decision

  • The tests and phone audits fitted to Company’s needs

We conduct audits for :

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