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Proprietary tool using AI and Machine Learning mechanisms, created on the basis of over 20 years of experience in language level tests and general language proficiency testing (language audits). Based on data collected during nearly 20,000 leveling audits carried out over the past 4 years, we have developed a unique language intelligent adaptive test. This is an innovative tool with practical application of artificial intelligence mechanisms. The idea of ​​Computerized Adaptive Testing is based on the IRT theory (Item Response Theory) – a theory of task response using mathematical probabilistic models to express the relationship between the responses to test tasks and the level of knowledge of the tested.

Advantages of our intelligent solution:

Each time the system matches subsequent questions based on the previous answers and the time spent on them. As a result, the right level for a given person is quickly reached. Compared to traditional tests, the test time is up to 80% shorter!
Our tests are never the same – a huge database of questions and a random mechanism cause that the number of possible combinations of question strings is over 47 trillion!
The system first determines the approximate base level, and then proceeds to ask additional questions in order to be able to precisely define the partial (“half”) level. Additionally, the mechanism takes into account the time factor when defining the final result.
Rapid transition of the tested person to the appropriate level means less stress and greater motivation to focus and reflect the real skills approach.

How does it work?

The system starts the test with middle-level questions and then, depending on the correctness of the answer, modifies the type of randomized questions.

Adaptive tests are currently available in the following languages:

Soon available:

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