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Training with the use of our tool utilizing audio/video transmission and virtual rooms in which classes with the teacher are held. Perfect quality and effortless connection, which do not require logging in or installing any external applications, all within a web browser. It is an excellent alternative to standard classroom courses when we do not have the opportunity, need, or desire to physically meet the teacher.

General and specialist courses (industry, job-related) of any intensity of the selected foreign language carried out at the client’s premises. We create the program based on an in-depth analysis of the needs of the organization and students, as well as the results of the language audit, in order to adjust the form and content of classes to the expectations of participants to the maximum extent.

We place particular emphasis on conversations and learning new vocabulary. Language tasks are carried out on the basis of the principle of “three P,” “present” – presentation of the material, “practice” – exercise (oral or written), “produce” – production, the students, use the learned issues on their own.

In-Company courses are very flexible. As a result, the students learn the issues important to them, and they can immediately put them into practice.

Premium courses are highly specialized classes designed for the most demanding professionals who already know the language at an advanced level. The maximum adjustment of teaching methods and content to the participant allows for the quick and effective development of the most needed skills and vocabulary to the currently performed duties or exceptional professional challenges, e.g., a shareholders’ meeting, foreign conference, or international negotiations.

PREMIUM COURSES – the essential features:

Individual classes.
The orientation of classes to specific business situations, e.g. presentations, meetings.
Senior management (managers, directors, owners, board members).
Elements of coaching – help in setting language goals, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, suggestions of ways to motivate.
The minimum level of language knowledge – B2

Due to high expectations regarding the implementation of the above assumptions, only our best teachers with the status of a Senior Teacher are dedicated to conduct Premium courses, meaning the teachers who:

  • have undergone a multi-stage process of verifying professional skills,
  • constantly care for personal development and improve knowledge transfer skills,
  • have higher philological education or, in the case of native speakers, a certificate confirming their qualifications to teach the native language as a foreign language,
  • have been conducting classes for at least 5 years, of which at least 2 years they teach business language in corporations for employees of various levels, including top management,
  • receive the highest marks in the satisfaction survey sent to the audience.

We guarantee the highest quality of classes thanks to the Future Center Training Corporation methodological team, which carries out regular training courses developing soft skills of Senior Teachers and provides specialist knowledge on new trends and teaching methods.

The purpose of this formula is to prepare the students to meet professional challenges specific to a given area or position that require the use of a foreign language. The workshop allows for the development and consolidation of employees’ grammar and lexical knowledge, thanks to which their efficiency and self-confidence in business communication increase.

Boost Your Skills classes with a teacher are held in small groups (4-6 participants) and are of a workshop nature. This allows for the enrichment of language knowledge (including phrases concerning specific business areas) and their practical training in the form of simulating real professional situations (including role-playing, delivering presentations, creating reports/business letters, etc.).

We run workshops, incl. of the topics:

  • Office English – a workshop for assistants, secretarial, and reception staff
  • Sales & Purchasing – workshop for sales representatives
  • English for Accountants – workshop for accountants
  • English for HR – workshop for HR specialists
  • Marketing & Advertisement – workshop for marketing and advertising employees
  • The Art of Presentation – presentations in English
  • Business correspondence
  • Grammar Boost

Crash Course is an intensive language training in the form of individual meetings tailored to the student’s specific needs and expectations. Thanks to participation in the classes, the participant gains confidence in speaking and breaks the language barrier. The training is aimed at people who have limited time to learn a foreign language and want to improve certain aspects of it. It allows you to quickly master and repeat vocabulary and grammar knowledge, which can be immediately applied in practice.

The training is conducted by a Polish teacher or a native speaker and may be focused on developing general or business language.

Crash courses develop selected areas of language knowledge, including:

  • Get Ready for Business Events – preparation for presentations, participation in business meetings, conferences, and negotiations.
  • Talk Business – business communication situations (travel, phone calls, teleconferences, etc.)
  • Unlock Your Skills – perfecting the ability to understand texts, listen, speak and write in a foreign language

Conversation workshops and discussion panels are characterized by a short, interesting, and effective formula, with little interference in the student’s workday. They enable participants to enrich their business vocabulary and increase freedom of expression in a specific subject area.

Conversation workshops are classes where the teacher supports the participants in expressing their opinions, corrects mistakes, and introduces new vocabulary and grammatical structures. This formula is intended for people who use the language at lower levels A2-B1.

A discussion panel is a meeting for which participants prepare in advance based on the materials received. Each of the participants should define their position on a given topic and be able to present it to the group. The role of the teacher is to moderate the discussion. The panel’s formula is intended for participants who speak a foreign language at a level of at least B2.

Examples of topics for discussion panels and conversation workshops:

  • Brand management, or who are we?
  • Is the financial crisis over?
  • Customer Experience
  • A day from the work of a sales representative
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Project management – traditional or agile approach?
  • The law, our obligations, and other business restrictions
  • The future of human resource management
  • Ethics in international business

“Let’s find a common language – Polish in a nutshell,” an intensive language and culture course created especially for the retail industry, which every year employs more and more employees of Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian origin. Our solution allows companies to support newcomers in adapting to Polish reality and increasing their professional environment effectiveness.

Why is it worth choosing our language training?


“Each offer is preceded by a thorough analysis of the client’s needs, thanks to which we can create a “tailor-made” proposal for a specific project. We have a wide range of products and tools; with their help, we are always able to find the perfect solution.

Marta Wojcieszek, Business Development Manager

“The correct identification of the starting point and the students’ needs form the basis of the course outline. We treat each case individually, and our role is to properly identify those needs and goals and implement a methodologically adequate solution. “

Agnieszka Wójcik, Head Of Study

“Coordination of large and complex language projects is our specialty, and the precise development of the most favorable cooperation model, procedures and communication scheme for the client is the basis for their effective implementation and reliable monitoring of all processes within the project”

Karolina Walczak, Language Project Coordinator

“For me, as a teacher, the most important thing is to adapt the topics, sources of materials, and pace of teaching to the students’ individual predispositions. The course outline is the basis, but a friendly atmosphere and a good relationship with students are also essential to me.

Renato Carvalho, Senior Teacher

Teaching methodology

We are constantly expanding and verifying our product portfolio to meet the expectations and comprehensively support our Clients.
Regardless of the type of course, our goal is to equip students with competencies that will allow them, as independent speakers of a foreign language, to communicate effectively in various professional situations.
Therefore, we created a proprietary PRACTICE FOCUSED LEARNING (PFL) methodological concept based on 3 pillars:
  • Needs research – the students identifying those areas of communication in a foreign language, the development of which is the most important for them
  • Language audit – a two-stage analysis (written and oral test) of the level of foreign language proficiency, on the basis of which we select grammar and lexical issues to the students’ skills
  • Selection of the appropriate elements of various teaching methods (communicative, audiolingual, cognitive, grammatical and translation, etc.) and work techniques (e.g., coaching, storytelling, visualization, etc.) depending on the needs indicated by the students
  • Individual curricula created for a given student/group of students on the basis of a needs study (business goals, gaps in knowledge and language skills, preferred learning methods based on experience and learning style, etc.)
  • Workshop work – development of effective communication strategies and the ability to apply them in business practice during classes
  • Active student participation in making decisions about the thematic and linguistic scope of the course
  • Participation in the Hop on Board workshop, during which participants will learn how to learn foreign languages and diagnose their learning style effectively
  • Language coaching for students who need additional support
  • Possibility to introduce elements of competition through the Lerneo platform (e.g., a system of points and rewards for results, attendance, etc.)
  • Using our proprietary Lerneo system, which includes, among others, vocabulary lists from classes, additional materials prepared by the tutor tests to check knowledge, homework, etc.
  • Access to Words To Go – an application (for computers and mobile devices) that develops vocabulary knowledge
  • Supporting the learning process through webinars – inspiring meetings conducted by experienced methodologists and teachers, aimed at supporting students in learning a foreign language


Learning a language using the PFL concept allows the participants to:

  • break the language barrier and acquire fluency of expression,
  • develop the language competencies rapidly,
  • expand the vocabulary range and specialist phrases,
  • acquire proper language habits,
  • increase self-confidence in professional situations requiring the use of a foreign language.

The project organization process

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