Advantages of our platform:

Budget control

The platform has been designed to allow full control over financial settlements. Thanks to the use of MPK and SAP numbers integrated with your internal systems, it is possible to precisely track expenses. In addition, we give you the opportunity to introduce restrictions broken down into amount and time limits, so that the training is consistent with the appropriate budgets.

Communication system

Employees who use the system show greater motivation and commitment to the training process. This is due to the fact that they can monitor their activity on an ongoing basis, have clearly defined goals and a system for measuring progress. Another important factor is the ability to access additional materials tailored to their individual needs and interests.

Integrated login

Each important event in the system generates an appropriate e-mail notification. Importantly, each notification includes a one-time link that allows you to immediately log in to Lerneo through Microsoft, Google, or any other social accounts without having to enter your login and password. Additionally, the system allows you to synchronize class dates with your own Outlook and Gmail calendar with one click.

Research of needs and opinions

The built-in survey system allows for regular satisfaction level surveys and evaluation of the entire project. This enables continuous optimization of the teaching process and even better adjustment of the courses to the expectations of each participant.

Extensive reports

Thanks to the system, it is possible to generate reports from any selected area of project implementation, both for the accounting period you are interested in, as well as for selected students, groups, departments, branches or even entire companies. The statements generated in the system can be personalized in any way you choose.

Progress monitoring

Thanks to the system, operating 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, you have access to all data regarding the implemented project: starting from the list of participants along with the division into groups, through attendance reports and programs for individual courses, on financial statements and information about the increase ending level of competence. As a result, you can monitor the training implementation process on an ongoing basis.


We make every effort to ensure that the platform works efficiently
and failure-free, and its operation was simple and intuitive. In case of,
when you have any difficulties in operating the system,
you have the option of using our IT support available 24/24.
Additionally, we provide the entire language project
support of our system back office.

Lerneo supports language learning between classes. Students have access to:

  • materials made available after classes (e.g. a list of vocabulary from classes)
  • supplementary materials extending the topic of classes
  • recommended materials and exercises, including movies, podcasts, articles
  • tests to check the acquired knowledge

Unique technological innovations:

Employees record system

In the system, you will find a completely separate record of your students’ entitlements – temporary permissions from-to breaks in teaching, languages. It is an excellent HR accounting tool with always up-to-date data.

Adaptive technology

Adaptive technology in proprietary leveling tests with the use of artificial intelligence mechanisms

Audio recorder and player

An innovative tool for recording and playing audio directly in the system. As a result, completely new possibilities arise before online tests. In addition, students have the opportunity to practice pronunciation along with self-assessment. Everything is done in real-time directly on the website.

API interface

The API interface is a universal mechanism that allows you to download information from all services (grids) available to a given user, thanks to which it allows for independent integration of Lerneo data with the client’s systems (eg SAP, employee evaluation, etc.).

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