Who are we?

We are a group of experts-enthusiasts supporting our clients and their employees in a reliable assessment of the level of development of language skills and their further improvement. At work, we value professionalism, diversity and work-fun balance. Every day we work with people and for people, therefore we are looking for active people who are not afraid of challenges and who want to share their knowledge with others. Join the hundreds of satisfied teachers and auditors who have worked with us!

What are we like?


Our team consists of approximately 850 professionals from many fields, ranging in age from 19 to 64
from all continents, who enjoy working together, sharing knowledge
exchange knowledge and value their work-fun balance.

Professional and responsible

We have planned, prepared and delivered every
of over 2 million training hours. We take on the toughest challenges and most demanding projects delivering professional service to our clients.


We listen to ideas and introduce improvements, e.g. we have created the Lerneo platform, which allows our whole team to work together remotely. We always try to be ahead of time by introducing innovative solutions and technologies. Our linguistic adaptive tests using artificial intelligence mechanisms are the only such on the market!


We work with lecturers and auditors from all over the world. We are a global organization serving our clients’ global projects wherever they are conducted.

On our team, you can be sure that:

Interested in our offer?

  • Send your resume to: info@futurecentre.eu,
  • Chat with us,
  • Or just give us a call! tel. 22 487 54 45

We are always looking for new teachers of all the languages we offer!

We provide training and auditing in the following languages:

and many more…

Teachers about us

“I have been working with Future Centre for over 10 years and I can speak about this company in superlatives. Reliability, professionalism of the team, punctuality, friendly atmosphere and much more… I recommend!”

Justyna Wieczorek, English language teacher

” … First of all, the high availability of assignments should be emphasized. Contact with methodologists, course coordinators and IT specialist is very efficient and trouble-free. Salaries are ALWAYS paid on time with no mistakes in amounts. The staff offer real support if there are any problems with the work and have a welcoming attitude…”

Katarzyna Grądzka, English language teacher

“A very professional company that offers the opportunity to develop your skills in teaching and language classes. Excellent contact with the supervisors, and the possibility of working remotely is really affordable for the instructor. I highly recommend the cooperation!”

Adam Kalinkowski, English language teacher

“I warmly invite all interested persons to cooperation. In our company you will gain valuable experience by sharing your knowledge with a wide variety of people from the business world, while maintaining independence and freedom. It is you yourself who decides on the scale and scope of your work.”

Bartłomiej Cebula, Managing Director

“We provide a constant supply of new courses so that you can choose new interesting proposals on an ongoing basis. The vast majority of classes and all our audits are now held online, which makes it much easier for teachers and auditors to fill their schedules. For my part, I provide methodological support throughout the duration of the courses”.

Agnieszka Wójcik, Head Of Study

“We provide organizational and administrative support for the lecturers throughout the duration of the language courses, and thanks to good organization, cooperation with us is smooth and efficient”

Karolina Walczak , Language Project Manager