Our business trainings are processes designed to effectively implement long-term changes in employees’ behaviour and to strengthen a company’s culture. That is why we also implement a lot of training-related activities such as:
  • pre-works,
  • implementation tasks,
  • „development indicator” focus groups,
  • kick-off meetings,
  • follow-up, etc.
We work according to the workshop formula to enable the participants to analyze and understand situations in which they should apply newly-acquired skills and, first of all, come up with solutions appropriate for the specifics of their job.
Our trainers inspire participants by demonstrating the ways of tapping into diversity, motivating to think outside the box and showing how to boost effectiveness in a given area on the basis of their strengths.
This way of training brings out the best in employees when it comes to:
  • taking responsibility for actions taken,
  • independent thinking,
  • ability to have a helicopter view of a situation,
  • desire to generate and implement further solutions,
  • gradual implementation and retention of changes,
  • determination to cooperate.

We offer such trainings as:

Our training projects for management consist in comprehensive activities which shape attitudes and develop leadership and management skills. We show managers how to build their own effective style of management on the basis of individual and unique talents.

We work with board members, top management (manager of managers) and first line managers from different fields.

In this area, we conduct the following workshops:

  • Conscious leadership
  • Executive Training Ground
  • How to bring out the power of a multi-generation team?
  • Creative Offroad for Managers
  • Influential Story Speaker – public speeches
  • Feedback-Based Development Management
  • Leader’s Personal Branding

As Frederic Laloux (author of bestseller „Reinventing Organizations”) puts it –  a happy and effective worker gets fully immersed into an organization emotionally, spiritually, rationally and intuitively. Only self-aware and satisfied people are capable of building positive relations with their environment. That is why we offer trainings which allow participants to take care of all the aspects of their professional life: intellectual, physical and psychological.

In this area, we conduct the following workshops:

  • Wellness @ work
  • Creative Fuel
  • Influential Story Speaker – business presentation
  • Welcome to Poland
  • Career Tree
  • PRISM Brain Mapping-Based Communication
  • My Dollond Clock

Developing competencies which allow us to generate unique and positive Customer Experience (CE) is key to sales and customer service departments.

That is why at our trainings participants come up with solutions which help to build healthy and long-term relationships with clients at three key levels, i.e. cognitive (connected with information processing), behavioural (connected with behavior) and emotional.

It is essential for us to make trained employees able to seek and convince clients in a genuine and natural way using their strengths and talents.

In this area, we conduct the following workshops:

  • Developing Customer Service Standards
  • Trade  Negotiations
  • Sales Coaching
  • Professional Sales Call
  • Begin with a no – effective trade  negotiations

In a complex and unpredictable business reality HR teams have to face up to the rapidly growing expectations of their organizations. There appear more and more challenges connected with finding the balance between standardization and flexibility, stability and innovation. How can then the right functioning of HR systems be ensured in reality in which it is hard to gain employees’ loyalty, in which companies are striving for higher agility, in which diversity management is key to success? The answer to this question can be found in trainings connected with creation of HR management processes and tools.

In this area, we conduct the following workshops:

  • Career paths
  • Game Changing Talent Management
  • Train The Trainer
  • Trainings for AC/DC assessors
  • Implementation of a Competency Model
  • Developing the system of appraisals
  • Analysis of HR processes

We are a knowledge society. We are living in a world in which technology and intellectual capital play a key role. Such a model of functioning makes us systematically perfect our competencies and care about personal development.

Law regulations are changing more rapidly. Innovative theories, concepts and methodologies are appearing, which translates into implementation of new business solutions and processes. Therefore, in order to reinforce their expert knowledge, the participants of our trainings become familiar with the context of the changes, trends and best practices on the market that take place in a given area.

In this area, we conduct the following workshops:

  • Labour Law
  • Business Ethics
  • Product Marketing
  • Influential Story Speaker – media workshop
  • Project Management
  • Design Thinking – there’s a method in this craze
  • Finance for non-financiers
  • MS Excel – different levels
  • Finance Business Partner

Coaching is a process which makes it possible to change some unfavorable habits and to increase the effectiveness of clients’ activities. Not only does it influence the development of competencies but also impacts the shaping of proper attitudes. It helps to overcome resistance and makes clients aware of their limitations and strong points. It helps to find the best method to increase effectiveness.

The coaching process can be both for experts and managers.

Our certified coaches (ICC, ICF) conduct both individual and group processes.

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