Our clients share with us a lot of challenges connected with HR management. We most often support them in finding the answers to the following questions:
  • How can we start developing HR management processes since we’ve never done it before?
  • What, in practice, is the HR management strategy?
  • Which tools for assessing the realization of tasks will come in handy in our company?
  • What can be done to make HR department react to the company’s needs more rapidly and effectively?
  • What is potential and how can it be measured among our employees?
  • How can we effectively manage employees of different generations and how can a diversity management strategy be created?
  • Which system of management will make it possible to manage human resources in each area in a cohesive way?
  • How can the way of management imposed by our foreign headquarters be effectively implemented?
  • What can be done to connect all the systems of management implemented in the company?

We advise on:

At present, one of the biggest challenges for HR departments is putting up personnel who can effectively adapt to the ongoing changes. Another difficulty lies in the fact that effective management of employees’ growth in a company should happen in accordance with its needs and possibilities as well as employees’ work record and potential.

Therefore, when we advise our clients, we focus on in-depth diagnosis of where the company is currently, what its Credo is and what its needs are.

In the area of development management we offer implementation of:

  • career paths (based on transfer maps) or growth paths,
  • classic talent management solutions or agile talent management tools,
  • the planning process of succession (creating reserve staff),
  • division of roles and responsibilities in the process of development management,
  • systems which support mobile employees within the structure,
  • IT tools in development management,
  • development management policy which combines all processes and solutions.

Appraisal is a very broad notion which encompasses the following:

  • Continuous Feedback Approach,
  • Performance Management,
  • MBO (Management By Objectives),
  • Management By Values,
  • Competency Model (Competency-based Management)
  • Mixed Systems

There are a great deal of concepts. However, the most important one is an instrumental objective of implementing appraisals in an organization, i.e. increasing work efficiency. Appraisals provide key information about how employees function. It makes taking rational decisions (connected with development of competencies) possible. But most of all it helps to boost involvement of all employees.

This is due to the fact that a well-designed and implemented appraisal system helps superiors to clearly formulate expectations whereas employees are able to correct their actions on an ongoing basis, which translates into effective realization of tasks.

An appraisal system is developed comprehensively on the basis of the analysis of a current situation. We select an appraisal model, create the process, criteria and tools as well as solutions which make its effective implementation possible.

An appropriate diagnosis should be the key element of planning the development of each employee. Only if we know employees very well can we properly plan actions which increase work efficiency.

We have various diagnostic tools which we adjust to our clients’ needs:

  • Development/Assessment Centre,
  • 360-  and 180-degree assessment (quantitative and qualitative method),
  • Competency interview,
  • Psychometric tests.

We choose appropriate tools depending on which resources are to be diagnosed within a given group of employees. Most often, we analyze employees’ competencies, potential, attitudes, preferred incentives and action schemes.

Our consultants are qualified to carry out the following psychometric tests:

  • PRISM Brain Mapping
  • FRIS
  • SHL
  • MindSonar
  • MBTI
  • MTQ48

Competency-based management (CBM) is a concept of managing an organization which is focused on the development of the resources that employees have in line with the established competency model, i.e. a set of the most important competencies in a company.

Competencies in a model are grouped and attributed to particular positions. They indicate the patterns of behavior characteristic of an employee to help them achieve better effects of their work in a given position.

Moreover, a competency model put up in accordance with a company’s strategy is fundamental for all actions connected with the area of HR management.

We create the following CBM processes and tools:

  • Behavioural interview,
  • Assessment/Development Centre,
  • Appraisal,
  • 360-degree assessment,
  • Training management,
  • Coaching,
  • Mentoring,
  • Talent management or managing employees with highest potential (HiPo),
  • Planning succession,
  • Career paths,
  • Custom-made development programmes.

We take an individual approach to create each competency model as well as HR actions connected with it. We select the form of a model (open or additive), number of competencies, their levels and aspects on the basis of an in-depth needs analysis.

Each  company should systematically find out their employees’ opinion. Verifying what’s going on in the company or, to be precise, in your employees’ minds is the most effective way to prevent undesirable events, such as a decrease in work efficiency or dysfunctional staff turnover.

Opinion surveys allow us to identify not only areas which need improvement but also strengths which can be part of the employer’s EVP (Employee Value Proposition).

In connection with the aforementioned, we support our clients in the evaluation of:

  • Employee satisfaction,
  • Involvement of employees,
  • Company culture,
  • Internal client’s satisfaction.

What is more, apart from preparing the process and tools we also assist in carrying out an effective information campaign regarding the realized process inside a company.

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