Each ship needs a captain who clearly shows the direction of the voyage. This is what we do every day.

We support our experienced, diverse and committed crew in the realization of their goals. We take good care of Future Centre team’s “work-fun balance” since we know how much our clients appreciate our professional and very positive approach towards cooperation.

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Business trainings and consulting

Being a department of business trainings and consulting we are a vivacious and agile team of about 60 HR experts – trainers, assessors, consultants and coaches. We are different due to our educational and professional backgrounds. We were „brought up” in various company cultures thanks to which we develop innovative business approaches and solutions which increase the effectiveness of people’s work in companies.

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Methods and recruitment

We are by far the largest and most diverse group in the company. No wonder! Apart from our experienced methodologists our team consists of 600 Polish teachers and 150 native speakers who were thoroughly checked and selected by our recruitment department. Therefore, we are all collectively responsible for developing our clients’ language competencies. We make sure that each course meets the needs of a particular company or client.


Coordinating language courses

Each of us realizes projects which are custom-made for particular organizations. That is why we perfectly know the specifics of our clients’ jobs, their preferred way of communication and expectations. We coordinate the work of our teachers, make sure that actions correspond to agreements and provide all necessary reports. We provide the supervisors of projects and students with all necessary information, that is why you will hardly ever see us without a laptop or smartphone.

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Language Audit

Our 60-member team of auditors are responsible for professional, accurate and objective assessment of employees’ and candidates’ linguistic competencies. Thanks to our rich experience and our own IT tools we remotely verify the skills of people from the whole of Europe irrespective of the chosen language and its level.

A coordinator who provides timely realization of the assumptions commonly made with the client manages the whole range of activities connected with audit projects.

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Business development

Being a team of advisors we help organizations to choose the most effective methods to diagnose competencies and development activities for their employees. We care about providing departments with high quality, innovative solutions and professional support.

We constantly keep in touch with our clients to meet their needs on a day-to-day basis.

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Administration and customer service

We make sure that our office functions properly and departments enjoy smooth exchange of information. We support our teachers, auditors, trainers and coaches in their preparation for classes, workshops and trainings. We provide each guest with information and make sure that they feel at ease when visiting us.

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We take care of the accuracy of all settlements in the company. We also control the budgets allocated for trainings, draw up financial documents, cost reports for clients, settlements with clients in mixed projects and we allay all doubts connected with them. We keep an eye on staffing and payroll matters. As a result, we have gained respect of all our employees.

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Together with a group of trusted freelance experts we are responsible for visual identification of the company and all promotional activities (including employer branding). We creatively support the other departments on the basis of a marketing strategy. Moreover, we coordinate the work of the editorial office of HR First Magazine and are responsible for our websites:  Future Centre Training Corporation and Lerneo system as well as the presence of our company in social media.

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IT Support

Our IT workers, together with external programmers, are responsible for the maintenance and development of our Lerneo platform, which boosts the effectiveness of our clients’, teachers’, trainers’ and auditors’ work. In addition, we support all the other applications used in the office and we make sure that FC employees are able to work with their „heads in the cloud”.

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