We understand business needs. We constantly extend and verify our product portfolio to meet our clients’ expectations and to provide them with comprehensive support.
Language trainings (also through OUTSOURCING) are key solutions in this area.
Irrespective of the course type, our aim is to provide learners with such competencies which would enable them, as independent users of a foreign language, to communicate in various working conditions.
That is why we have created our own concept PRACTICE FOCUSED LEARNING (PFL) which is based on three pillars:
  • Needs analysis – learners point out the areas of communication in a foreign language that they need to develop most
  • Language audit – a two-phase analysis (written and oral tests) of a foreign language command on the basis of which we adjust grammatical and lexical material to learners’ abilities.
  • Choosing the right elements of various methods of teaching (communicative, audio-lingual, cognitive, grammatical translation, etc.) and work techniques (e.g. coaching, story-telling, visualization, etc.) depending on leaners’ needs
  • Tailor-made course outlines created for a given learner/group of learners on the basis of a needs analysis (business goals, lacking knowledge or language skills, preferred ways of learning depending on experience and learning style, etc.)
  • Workshop activity – working out (in classes) effective communication strategies and possibility to put them to practice.
  • Active participation in taking decisions about the vocabulary and topics of a course.
  • Participation in Hop on Board during which participants will find out how to effectively learn foreign languages and will diagnose their own style of learning.
  • Language coaching for those in need of additional support
  • Possibility to implement elements of rivalry by means of Lerneo platform (e.g. system of points and awards for good results and attendance, etc.)
  • Personalized linguistic support during working hours – Ask Eve
  • Using our Lerneo system where you can find vocabulary lists, additional materials prepared by your teacher, revision and progress tests, home tasks, etc.
  • Access to Words To Go – application (computer and mobile devices) which develops your knowledge of vocabulary
  • Virtual classroom available – for those who often travel on business or work in distributed teams and, still, would like to participate in the course
  • Webinars supporting the learning process – inspirational on-line sessions delivered by experienced methodologists and teachers, relating to learning foreign languages and providing support in this context
Learning a language by means of PFL enables participants to:
  • work out the most suitable way and strategy to learn a foreign language
  • break the language barrier and acquire fluency
  • quickly develop language competencies
  • extend vocabulary and specialist expressions
  • acquire proper language skills
  • boost self-confidence in working conditions which require the use of a foreign language

Available languages:

We offer:

General and specialist foreign language courses (professional, position-related) with any level of intensity realized on client’s premises. We develop a programme on the basis of an in-depth needs analysis of an organization or learners as well as language audit results in order to fully adjust the mode and contents of classes to participants’ needs.

We lay particular emphasis on conversational practice and new vocabulary. Language tasks are realized on the basis of the rule of ‘three Ps’, „present” – presentation of material, „practise” – exercising (oral and written), „produce” – production where learners independently use acquired knowledge.

In-Company courses are very flexible. As a result, students learn the material which is important for them and which can be put to practice forthwith.

Premium courses are highly specialized classes created for the most demanding professionals who already know the advanced language. The maximum adaptation of teaching methods and content to the participant allows for a  quick and effective development of the most needed skills and vocabulary to the currently performed duties or exceptional professional challenges, eg. shareholders’ meeting, foreign conference or international negotiations.

Premium courses – the most important features:

  • Individual classes.
  • Development of specific skills during business situations eg. presentations, meetings.
  • Senior Management ( managers, directors, owners, board members).
  • Elements of coaching – help in setting language goals, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, suggestions for ways of motivating.
  • Minimum level of command of the language – B2.

Due to the high expectations regarding the implementation of the above assumptions, only our best teachers with the status of Senior Teacher are entitled to run Premium courses, i.e. people who:

  • went through a multi-stage process of verifying professional skills,
  • they constantly care for personal development and improve the competence of conveying the knowledge,
  • have a higher philological education or, in the case of native speakers, a certificate confirming the qualifications for teaching a native language as a foreign language,
  • they have been conducting classes for at least 5 years, they have been teaching Business English in corporations for employees at various levels including Senior Management for at least 2 years,
  • they get the highest marks in the satisfaction survey filled in by the students.

We guarantee the highest quality of classes thanks to the methodology team of Future Center Training Corporation, which conducts regular trainings developing soft skills of Senior Teachers and provides specialist knowledge related to new trends and teaching methods.

This formula is aimed at preparing learners for realizing particular professional challenges which require usage of a foreign language. The workshop helps develop and reinforce employees’ knowledge of grammar and vocabulary thanks to which their effectiveness and self-confidence grow.

Classes with a teacher in Boost Your Skills look like a workshop. It helps learners to boost their command of language (e.g. expressions and idioms connected with particular business areas) and practise them in simulations of real work situations (such as sketches, presentations, writing reports/business letters, etc.)

We conduct workshops on the following topics:

  • Office English – workshop for assistants, secretariat and reception desk workers
  • Sales & Purchasing – workshop for sales representatives
  • English for Accountants – workshop for accountants
  • English for HR – workshop for HR specialists
  • Marketing & Advertising – workshop for marketing and advertising workers
  • The Art of Presentation – presentations in English
  • Business Correspondence
  • Grammar Boost

A Crash Course is an intensive topic-related one-to-one course adjusted to each learner’s specific needs and expectations. Thanks to participation in such a course a participant gains confidence in speaking and breaks the language barrier. Such a course is for those who have limited time for foreign language lessons but want to improve a few particular aspects of a language. It helps to rapidly systemize the knowledge of grammar and extend vocabulary.

This kind of workshop is conducted by either a Polish teacher or native speaker. The course can be aimed at developing general, business or specialist language.

Crash courses develop selected areas of a language, such as:

  • Get Ready for Business Events – prepares for presentations, participation in business meetings, conferences and negotiations
  • Grammar Boost – thorough revision of grammar
  • Talk Business – social business situations (travelling, phone talks, teleconferences, etc.)
  • English for Special Purposes – specialist vocabulary (medical, finance, marketing, legal English)
  • Exam Expert – prepares for exams (e.g. TOEIC, BEC, FCE, CAE and others)
  • Unlock your Skills – helps improve reading and listening comprehension, speaking and writing in a foreign language

Panel discussions and conversation workshops are classes with a characteristic short, interesting and effective formula which interferes with a learner’s daily work in a very small degree. Participants are able to enrich their business and specialist vocabulary as well as boost their fluency in a particular subject.

Panel discussions are meetings for which participants prepare in advance on the basis of the provided materials. Each person participating in classes ought to determine their stance with regard to a given topic and be able to present it in a group discussion. The role of the teacher lies in moderating the discussion. The panel formula is for participants whose command of a foreign language corresponds to at least level B2.

Conversation workshops are classes in which the teacher supports participants in expressing their opinion, corrects their mistakes as well as introduces new vocabulary and grammar structures. The conversation formula is for those whose level of language command is A2-B1.

Sample topics during panel discussions and conversation workshops:

  • Brand management, i.e. what are we?
  • Is the financial crisis over yet?
  • Customer Experience
  • A day in the work of a sales representative
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Project management – traditional or agile approach?
  • Law, our responsibilities and other limitations in business
  • The future of HR management
  • International business ethics

This method of language development combines traditional conversation classes with e-learning, which leads to enhanced efficiency and comfort of learning.

Textbooks are replaced with an online platform which provides the theoretical content (grammar and lexis) and receptive skills practice. Learners work unassisted on the platform, work through the theoretical content and prepare for conversation classes; time spent with the teacher is then used for practical communication which boosts the acquisition of grammatical and lexical content.

Top Management representatives have a command of a foreign language and highly-developed soft competencies. However, while working in a multinational environment they often come across new unexpected challenges which require individual approach.

To meet the demand we have created a unique learning formula called Executive Training Ground – a training ground of experience for Top Management. E.T.G. which is more than just a training. It simultaneously supports soft competencies and key language skills. Our approach guarantees participants verification of their abilities in conditions which are as close to reality as possible. During classes participants receive advisory support (in a properly adjusted way) as well as ongoing feedback which allows them to be fully prepared for an imminent challenge.

E.T.G. can support any business goal of a participant. We particularly recommend it in such situations as:

  • preparation for a trip abroad
  • participation in an international conference
  • negotiations with an international partner
  • relocation to another country
  • presentation of reports to international management
  • small talk/business talk
  • cooperation with a business partner from another culture

Daily challenges in professional and private life often make it impossible for us to find time to learn a foreign language. The Language & Mindfulness programme allows us to learn a language in exceptional conditions. We suggest that you put aside your daily activities and focus on one goal, which is learning a foreign language. During the programme we combine language courses with the notion of Mindfulness. During such a training we work with the body, emotions and thoughts. Meditation will help you get rid of ineffective schemes of mind functionality whereas a specially planned relaxation programme will allow you to focus your attention on acquiring new linguistic experiences.

The Language & Mindfulness programme is organized in specially selected luxury SPA resorts. We provide you with accommodation in a single room, full board, language courses with a qualified teacher, relaxation sessions with a fitness coach and one SPA treatment a day.

The Language & Mindfulness programme can support any language goal of a participant. We recommend using this method in the following situations:

  • breaking the language barier
  • improving speaking fluency and listening comprehension
  • preparation for a particular business situation
  • support at each stage of learning a foreign language
  • reinforcing participants’ motivation to learn a foreign language

A course in a foreign country is an ideal opportunity to learn a language and test the newly-acquired skills in „natural” conditions. Moreover, it allows us to become familar with, get immersed in and experience the culture of a default country.

Our proposition is prepared for professionals, that is why all courses are, first and foremost, aimed at developing language skills used in business environment.

Apart from language classes we offer a wide range of activities aimed at becoming familiar with a city and its dwellers. In chosen locations it is possible to participate in additional events such as a welcome and farewell party, guided tours, visits to chosen museums, going out to local pubs, jazz clubs, restaurants, concerts or wherever you would like to go.

In order to fully immerse yourself into “everyday” life during your stay  you can become part of a chosen family who could provide you with accommodation. We have also selected a few highly-recommended hotels near the school.

We offer English language courses in:

  • London
  • Dublin
  • New York
  • Toronto
  • Malta

Those who wish to obtain a universally acknowledged confirmation of a language command could make use of our courses preparing for exams and certification such as: English: TOEIC Listening & Reading, TOEIC Speaking & Writing, TOEFL, EFB, EFC; German: WiDaF; French: TFI; and TELC – English, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Czech and others.

We do oral and written ordinary and notarized translation.

We translate from/into English, Croatian, Czech, Danish, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Swedish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Italian and other European languages.

We specialize in translating texts in the following areas: construction, economics, finance, literature and cinematography, marketing and advertising, medicine and pharmacy, motorization, law, information technologies, insurance.

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