Welcome on board our ship named Future Centre Training Corporation. We have been sailing under the flags of various companies and institutions since 2000.
Our mission is to effectively and safely transport the passengers of the cruise to their destination port from which, equipped with new knowledge and skills, they will set off to conquer the immeasurable world of career opportunities.
At every stage of the cruise, you are supported by our experienced crew who have weathered numerous storms on the oceans of foreign language courses. Thanks to this, we passionately share our expertise and new, innovative solutions with our clients by supporting organizations and employees in achieving their goals.

Values which we are always loyal to

One of the values we live by is diversity and all it offers. We therefore have taken measures to prevent discrimination, and to promote an equality and diversity management policy in the workplace. Among those steps is joining the group of signatories of the Diversity Charter (Karta Różnorodności), an initiative coordinated by the Responsible Business Forum.

Why are we worth trusting?

We act comprehensively
and flexibly

We will advise, plan and develop your employees’ competencies. No matter what field you might be seeking training solutions in, we have them on our offer.

We boost motivation
and involvement

Among our unique activities strengthening learners’ motivation you can find the following: diagnosis of learning style, Hop On Board workshop to start a project as well as involve learners in taking their decision about the subjects of their classes.

We support personal development
and business awareness

We prepare courses and trainings in such a way so that they would provide real support in executing daily professional duties and pose an interesting challenge for participants.

We develop self-esteem
and openness to change

Courses and trainings are, first and foremost, aimed at making participants active to make them get out of their comfort zone and put their new capabilities to practice, thanks to which their self-esteem and self-awareness grow.

We realize big
and demanding projects

We carry out projects in which the number of participants amounts to several hundred employees and classes are organized in the whole country. All processes are supported by Lerneo system which helps monitor and manage them on a regular basis.

We have accreditations and certificates

We have the following accreditations and certificates:

  • The Polish Chamber of Training Companies,
  • ETS,
  • LCCI
  • telc.

The process of project organization looks as follows: